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Network requirements
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Requirements to connect our product to the internet


Internet access Shared on the local network
Port forwarding Internet standard ports: 53, 80, 123, 443
Bandwidth 50Mbps DOWN, min. 10Mbps UP, Ping < 40ms Speedtest
DNS Server Google DNS and reachable
Internet Protocol IPv4 (IPv6 supported on mixed networks)
DHCP Server Active DHCP server active in the LAN for automatic IP address allocation


Option with Ethernet (wired)

Network connection 

female with separate connection RJ45 min. CAT6 certified 


Option with WiFi 

Frequency band 5GHz preferred
Protocol IEEE 802.11 n/ac
Authentication  WPA2 or WPA3 with fixed password
Client-Certificate is not supported
Captive portal not supported (guest portal)


Requirements to connect to our product (screenshare)


Multiple Device Sharing Technologies Microsoft Miracast, Apple Airplay, Google Cast
Wireless Guest Network Protokol IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Microsoft Miracast

Sharing via infrastructure (LAN)

Sharing via WiFi

Sharing via Direct Point to Point WiFi

Apple Airplay

Sharing via infrastructure (LAN)

Sharing via WiFi

Google cast

Sharing via infrastructure (LAN)

Sharing via WiFi

Supported Devices iPad 2 or newer
iPad mini
iPhone 4S or newer
iPod Touch 5+
PC (Win10)
Network connection  LAN 10/100/1000
Wi-Fi (802.11a / b / g / n / ac)
Sharing Authentication

on device

- Miracast with code

- AirPlay with code

- Google Cast with Touch

Frequency band

2.4 GHz with auto channel detection

Default channel: 1

Authentication WPA2 with temporary password


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